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PACMUN 2021 Financial Aid Request

We are dedicated to providing both partial and full financial aid to delegates who demonstrate need. To request financial aid, please complete this Financial Aid Form before registering with the Delegate Registration Form.Please contact with any questions or concerns.
Delegate Information
The current delegate fee is $65.00. If your financial aid request of 100% is granted, your delegate fee would be $0.00.
Certification ContactTo verify that this financial aid request is genuine, please enter your advisor's email. If you are an Independent Delegate, please enter the email address of a parent or guardian.
Certification StatementI certify that the information submitted above is true and correct. I understand that any changes in plans for conference attendance may result in the reduction or elimination of financial aid eligibility. By typing my full name, I am agreeing that this is the legal equivalent of my written signature for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility.